One thing that we can all count our money on... Is that blessings come in so many different ways and forms.... Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves,,,, not knowing where to turn... what to do.... Are we really built to make a difference in other people's lives....So many questions and so many doubts about ourselves... One thing is for sure when it happens... We will know...

Philadelphia is known for its beauty(in many areas) but who remembers being in the playground...enjoying life as a little child... playing on the swing sets and monkey bars.... Ohh those were the days... Oh and what about the rec centers that held it down for many single parents.... We will go to these after school programs... which allowed out parents to continue to work and provide for us. We will go the playground and play for hours at a time and not have to worry about getting hurt or having any trouble...

 Guys please check the link out above to see how help someone with autism actually inspire…


If you follow my show...and my thoughts you know all about my story... Many people don't undertand why I tell my story so much. Because we have faces survivors have faces... they are everyday people who overcome so much more that anyone can imagine. I had the chance to sit down and meet with this beauty in a different type of way.. I was invited to a party by a mutual friend who was going to support his friend. What started out as a vision board party led to so much more than I ever intended it to. I was blessed trememdously to hear how she is overcoming her battle and how she is now thriving. Depression and anxiety is soo real... Many times we feel like we have no where to go and no one to turn to so we close ourselves in and pray that it will be o.k.

Who is your outlet? Do you have one.??? Many of us don't. We don't have anyone that we can turn to(especially us mothers) Her story of surviving in the midst of really touched me It inspired me to keep on going in…

Let the foodie go

Many of you don't know but those that do and can tell by the size of my 12 jeans that I absolutely love to eat... like love love... like nothing else matters but a good grub to bust.. What would your favorite meal look like...taste like... what if you didn't have to cook it...what if it was seafood like the absolute best seafood in the world.... LOL(insert crying emoji)

 I had the pleasure of going to heaven on my show. As I received the best food money can by from a young man who can cook his behind off.. I mean smack ya momma cook... I mean shut up while iam eating cook... * I will have to dig back in my pictures to show you guys... It was so good yall... I'm talking chicken breast that was so flavorful(not everyone can make chicken breast) And he killed it.

Being able to speak with Mr. Charlie you can hear his passion for food come to life as he spoke about learning and watching his family who owned a restaurant here in West Philadelphia. He spoke about how he loves co…

The Art of Beauty

Yesterday I had a amazing time just being able to be in the presence of such a amazing spirt. I did a interview on my show www.pqradio1.comlive/thevspot and when i tell you guys it was the absolute best. There is something about being around positive energy and creative flow that just puts me in a mood for candles and Erykah Badu. I got to vibe with Keisha "I make everything beautiful" Whatley... and when I tell yall it was the absolute best ever. I will post the link below to the show( it was recorded live via facebook)  The time and energy that was put forth in creating these amazing photos. And to hear the thought process into each photo... So guys below are some of the images that were created by this wonderful spirit. I encourage you to check out her website for all of the items that she has for purchase. Take a look at her snapshots that shows her actually creating some of these amazing portraits. and with beyond a doubt support her guys.

Alright let's discuss …

Does loose lips sink ships?

We all have things,,,, Like personal things... Like really really personal things that we tell only the ones that we entrust honestly and deeply. so what happens when something you told someone out of confidence gets spilled to the wrong person?  How do you recover from that? Are you still friends with that person. Can you ever go back to sharing your thoughts and problems with them?

Having that one person that you can let your hair down to is a amazing thing. But what if you don't. How do you cope. How do you release your emotions?

While sometimes its just not easy to let this go. Confronting the person whom hurt you is painful enough. What to say? How do you even start the conversation?

Then there is that good old pillow talk that we know makes everything much better. That's when you get into your own little space and speak to your creator.

I will have more conversation on this tonight on my show. I woul…

Overcome weekend havoc

While the weekend for some can be the beginning to a wonderful couple of days to relax. This is not the case for many of us... Our weekends start the beginning of crazy havoc and running around ..From shopping To football games...To date nights, phew sometimes we don't have moments to breath.

While there are only 60 hours in the weekend. There are some tips that will help you get the most of them so you can actually feel like you have had one. I know my weekends are always so full. From family gatherings to Church functions. I can hardly  breath. Its a grateful busy(ill discuss my weekend shortly) 

Ive located this very good article on-line that I thought would be excellent to use when planning out your weekend. It was very interesting because the first thing that is listed is to plan your weekend. Now I know that I never ever plan my weekends or at least I don't think I do Things a…


So everyone whom knows me and now that you are my family you guysas well just know how much I completely obsess over this family... Over jack(awww jack ) He is like America's man of men right... He's like every princess fantasy of what their prince would be....every mother's you are so right for my daughter... and every badboys nightmare... On last nights show we all witnessed more into the lives of Rebecca and Jack... My heart literally crushed when he drove up and saw that guy at her door with better flowers and a better suit I'am just saying... im just saying... So anyway on last nights show there was a lot going on(Check out my you-tube channel and subscribe for my feedback...

My question is or maybe its not a question or maybe it is.. Ladies could you honestly see yourself going on another date with someone who did not have the funds to supply everything you wanted on that date... What makes a date …